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Best Cannabis Grow Light For Beginners-Part II

In the last blog, we talked about the LED grow light balances both efficiency and power. So, what are the exact benefits of it?

The Benefits of LEDs for First-Time Cannabis Growers

As we just mentioned, there are many benefits beginners can enjoy if they opt for LEDs. Below, we’ll break them down in full.

  • LEDs Run Cool Despite High Energy Output

With LEDs, depending on which you select, you can achieve comparable energy output to HID, but without nearly as much heat! Thanks to the efficiency of the system, which we’ll speak more on later, all the energy it takes in is directed through hundreds of little lights. Far less gets wasted.

  • Less Heat Leads to Decreased Water Usage

Thanks to minimal heat in the growing room, you can also expect the water you give your plants to last longer than it normally would. Since you don’t have to deal with rapid evaporation, your watering schedule will not only decrease, but become more efficient.

If anything, all you have to worry about when growing with LEDs is overwatering.

  • Decreased Water Usage Leads to Fewer Nutrients in Turn

Since many growers include their plant’s nutrients in their water, decreased water usage will also lead to decreased nutrient usage. That, again, is thanks to the fact that plants are able to use said water and nutrients more efficiently.

  • LEDs Allow for High Light Intensity

The low heat output of LEDs allows for yet another benefit: the potential to offer your plants higher light intensity. See, rather than intense light, it’s intense heat that is the main culprit behind burning plants. If the plants can enjoy more intense light without worrying about heat, however, they can take in a lot more energy.

  • LEDs Are More Energy Efficient Overall

Lastly, thanks to the fact that far less energy gets wasted on creating heat, LED lamps are the most energy efficient option (relative to their power) of any type of grow lamp. Along with that, you don’t need to have as powerful of a vent or cooling system to account for heat, which you’d need with HID lamps, so you take up even less energy as a result.

Don’t Forget to Adjust Your Grow Light

Before we let you go, we want to emphasise again that photoperiod plants will only thrive if they’re on the right light schedule for the vegetative and flowering stages. To assist in that effort, Aokairuisi grow light team include a switch that allows you to switch between modes for each stage. Along with making that switch, be careful to ensure that you’re raising your lights up in proportion to the vertical height of your plants. The lamps may not generate much heat, but you still want to avoid the risk of burning them.

Other than that, just focus on having a good time!

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