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Welcome to Ledgrowlight

Ledgrowlight belongs to Accurates Opto-Electronics Co.,Ltd, which is a limited liability company established in 2010 in Guangzhou, China. Our company's main business areas are about electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing.
We are specialized in LED growlights in recent years with our ownfactory.Our belief is to provide more safe and energy-saving LED products for our customers.In order to meet the growing market demand, our professional team spent a great deal of time in producing an excellent capability LED growlight.
And finally we gained the achievements on our research.The Full Spectrum Strip Growlight and Panel Growlight are the most proud products in LED growlights. This two types of growlights are also popular by our worldwide customers, establishing a good reputation on plant growlight market.
Light source components combine Samsung and Osram deep-red LEDs.Full Spectrum enables faster growth, more harvests, and better quality of plants.

Our Growlight's Features

  • 1. Superconducting hot aluminum,so that heat dissipation performance is better,increase of service life;
  • 2. constant current driver, job stabilization,longer service life of lamps;
  • 3. With a modern aesthetic,the designer made it with ingenuity, easy to Install;
  • 4.Full spectral highlighting LED, true imitation of sunlight, the visual effect is very good, effectively promote the growth of plants;
  • 5.Special selection of hemp herb.

Spectrum Test Report Of Our Growlights

Wholesale Order
We are available for wholesale orders. If you need to place the wholesale order, please contact us at this email,hi@ledgrowlight.co. We will let you know the details about the wholesale order and try to meet your requirements as possible.