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We accept any retail or wholesale orders.

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The Aokairuisi Team includes dedicated and professional team members who are committed to producing the best LED grow lights. We pursue bringing the best products and services to customers&friends who trust us. You can place the order directly from our store if you are retail customer.

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How to cooperate with us?


If you want to check our products, you can directly buy sample on our shop. The unit price of products on our website is sample price.(Even if that is sample price but also lower than market price).Meanwhile you can contact us to get agent price or wholesale price.


If you are satisfied with our product after checking the sample, and want to place the official order with us. Please contact us and get a wholesale account in our shop. At this time, we may need your help to offer your company information and your sale license.


When you get the wholesale account of our shop, you can place order in our shop directly. At the same time, you can enjoy any wholesale price easily and choose the quantity according to your requirement.

Price & Payment


We will supply full container price, bulk-cargo DDP price , EXW or FOB price on our website, you can check them by yourself conveniently. Or if you are confused and still have some worries, you can contact us to get the details.


Kindly let you know here: If you place order in our store directly, the price will be higher than contacting us(4%), because it is PayPal fee.But if we directly place order by T/T then we don’t need to pay PayPal fee.

What Services do we offer?

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We will offer you the professional guiding in the product installation, and the plants cultivation(especially for the cannabis ). And we also work with some experts to study and research how to better cultivate the plants. We offer this service to our customers if you need our help.



We provide 24/7 service and support to our valued customers.


Our Shipping cost will update every month. To make sure you always get the cheapest price


If you place the order with us,you surely will get what you buy, all the lamps are as good as the description. And our team is always here if you need our help. We will try our best to help you.

Security Payment

Your payment is 100% secure, we work with Paypal and Stripe for all your purchases.

About Our Products

As a professional LED grow light manufacturer, our products all pass CE and UL, our lights are of high quality and they can stand any trail. There’re only a few companies own UL certificate for LED grow light in China, and we’re not only one of them, but also the outstanding one.

It is our lifelong pursuit to provide you with the best lighting scheme for plant growth. We have over 10 years experiences in producing and manufacturing LED lights. Besides, we have office and warehouse in the United States, we’re not far away from you!


Contact us

When you have any problems about placing an official order, please contact our Aokairuisi team by email, whatsapp and leaving text message on our website, we will have our professional sales representative to contact and support you with the better price and help you with all the questions also help you to process your order.

Phone: (747) 222-6362


Email: hi@ledgrowlight.co