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5 Secrets To Controlling Heat Indoors-Part IV

From previous blogs, to control the heat in the grow room, we can: 1) Use supplements that protect your plants from heat damage; 2) Environment hacks; 3) Optimize your plant grow light. What is more? Keep reading this blog:

4.) Change Your Light Schedule

Opt for 18/6 Light Schedule in the Vegetative Stage

Many growers give their plants 24 hours of light a day in the vegetative stage to produce the fastest growth. Yet turning the grow light off for several hours each day helps keep the temperature down. The 18/6 light schedule is suitable for all plants in the vegetative stage, and for auto-flowering strains from seed to harvest.

Side Note: Although plants do grow faster if they’re getting 24 hours of light a day, you get diminishing returns after 18 hours of light a day. Cannabis plants benefit from having a night stage, and that helps make up for the lack of extra light. The difference in growth between 18/6 and 24/0 isn’t very noticeable (the increase in growth may not justify the extra electricity and heat).

Set Your Dark Period for the Hottest Part of the Day

This is a super simple solution to help control the heat for growers who get high temperatures in the middle of the day. User your timer to set your “Off” time to happen during the hottest hours of the day and you’re done. As long as you make sure plants don’t get light during their dark period, they won’t realize their “day” is during your night.

5.) Start with a Heat-Resistant Strain

Some strains are inherently more resistant to heat than others. For example, strains that originated from the equatorial region, including many Sativa and Haze strains, can resist much higher temperatures than strains that originated in colder regions, such as many Indica strains.

  • Tall strains with thin leaves tend to be relatively heat-resistant
  • Short, bushy strains with fat leaves tend to be more sensitive to heat
  • Check the strain description to see if it mentions anything about temperature

Here are some strains that are heat resistant, easy to grow, and produce great effects.

Photoperiod (Traditional) Strains

White Widow

  • Legendary strain
  • Buds produce smooth relaxing effects that are great for enjoying with friends
  • Overall easy-to-grow and resistant to heat and mold
  • Has a surprisingly short flowering stage (8-9 weeks) for a Sativa-dominant strain, and doesn’t get too tall
  • Great yields even if you mess up a little

In conclusion, the heat problem in the grow room is not unsolvable , although growers will encounter various problems during indoor growing, it is always worth paying, and you will get much more in return than you pay. Happy Growing!

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