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15 Ways to Increase Cannabis Yields Indoors-Part III

From previous blogs, there are specific factors that cause yields to be big or small, and nearly all of them are under your control. We’ve shared 7 ways to control the factors that can affect yield, they are factors that we should pay attention to before buds begin to form. So what factors should we pay attention to when buds start forming?

After Buds Start Forming

Ok, your plants are already making buds. What can you do to increase yields at this point?

1.) Increase Light Intensity

To your cannabis plants: Light = Food = Energy. That means that your plants can produce bigger buds if they get more light.

3 Main Ways to Increase Light intensity

  • Get a bigger or better grow light ( feel free to contact us for further information)
  • Keep your grow light as close as possible without light stressing plants
  • Train plants to grow flat like a table under the light. Plant training allows you to keep the grow light closer without burning the tallest buds.

2.) Use Suitable Lights in the Flowering Stage

For the best yields, density, and bud size, we recommend using LED grow lights while buds are forming: Shop

3.) Give The Right Light Spectrum While Buds Form

Giving plants the right spectrum in the flowering stage is important for increasing yields. Full spectrum led grow light is a good choice, and if you have further demands, the spectrum of led grow light is customizable.

4.) Follow a Recommended Defoliation Schedule

Many growers use targetted strategic “defoliation” to increase yields. The process of removing specific leaves at specific points of bud development actually “hacks” the plant’s natural processes and causes buds to grow bigger/denser than they otherwise would. This technique is most effective on very leafy plants. If your plant doesn’t have a whole lot of extra leaves, defoliation can slow down growth, so don’t go crazy with it!

The basic idea behind bud-building defoliation:

  • Beginning of flowering stage (week 0-3): Remove all big fan leaves and leaves on long stems. This exposes your newly developing bud sites to direct light. Buds need direct light to grow fat.
  • 3 weeks later: Do one more defoliation if the plant appears bushy. Exposing the main branches to direct light will help the plant “focus” on developing buds.
  • After the 2nd major defoliation, only remove leaves that are covering a bud site or if the plant starts getting too bushy through the middle and bottom.
  • Watch buds get huge
  • Harvest!

5.) Don’t Ignore Problems!

Plants get much more picky about nutrient ratios and nutrient strength in the flowering stage. Make sure you quickly diagnose and fix any  nutrient deficiencies, bug infestations, or other visible problems. An unhealthy plant doesn’t have as much energy to put into bud formation.

To be continued…

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