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Can LEDs Affect The Taste Of Vegetables

There is a widespread misconception that the taste of vegetables is solely based on genetics of the plant species and cannot be enhanced by cultivation techniques or environmental conditions. That would be true in a scenario where other cultivation parameters were universally normalised. However, this is rarely the case when it comes to indoor vegetable production facilities.

How are the fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse different from the fruits and vegetables in the natural environment? Natural fruits and vegetables grow under the sunlight, while fruits and vegetables grow under the LED grow lights in the greenhouse. To solve the puzzle, the first thing is to understand the working principle of the LED grow light, it is the principle of fully simulated sunlight on plant photosynthesis, in accordance with the law of plant growth needs sunlight, using led grow light instead of sunlight to plant growth and development environment of a kind of lamps, so under the sun and the growth of fruits and vegetables under LED grow light irradiation is the same, can be eat, so taste better or not?

In the natural environment, fruits and vegetables should always be prepared to fight against natural disasters, such as wind, rain, snow, frost, fog, and disease and insect poisoning. The ability to survive is stronger, but it often leads to deformity or insect infestation, thus affecting the taste of vegetables and fruits. On the contrary, fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse do not have to experience the wind and rain, and the led grow lights can provide different light according to the growth state of the plant, so that the plant is always in the best growth environment, and it is perfect in both appearance and internal taste.

Compared with the sunlight, led grow light has the biggest advantage of artificial control. According to different plants and different growth stages, it is equipped with the most suitable lighting environment. LED growing lights can also control the intensity of light, making the photosynthesis of plants more active and controlling the light cycle, making the photosynthesis of plants longer. It was reported that in the arctic research camp of Germany, researchers used LED plant lights to try out a variety of vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, and kohlrabi in the cold region.

So there’s no doubt that the vegetables that come out of the led grow lights are not only healthy but also taste better! Want to try?

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