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Do LED Grow Lights Emit UV?

When it comes to indoor farming, it is essential to provide the required spectrum to the plants. Otherwise, the photosynthesis, growth, and level of nutrients can be affected. Plants need various radiations to continue the processes, which is why LED grow light strips and lamps emit various radiations.

Plants do not require UV rays for photosynthesis; however, the presence of UV light offers some advantages.Some of the benefits of UVA and UVB lights include quicker photosynthesis, protection from pests, more nutrients, and better yield. Thus, UV lights are excellent for indoor growers. For more details on the benefits of UV rays on plants, we will share more with you in the next artical.

Now, we understand that UV rays are good for plants, so the answer to the question would be quite clear.

LED grow lights also emit UV rays to provide more benefits to the indoor farmer.

There are different types of LED grow lights available, and they produce different types of spectrum. Indoor farmers need to select the right LED grow lights for their crops. Aokairuisi grow light is an excellent choice for all growers. We can offer professional suggestions and our whole team is supportive.

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