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How To Set Up Your Indoor Grow Room-Part II

In the last article we talked about the steps of setting up indoor grow room. It is important for all growers to learn about this, let’s continue to share more information with you. We mentioned size and flooring before, now we’re going to begin with water and electricity source:

Water and Electricity Source:

You also need to make sure water and electricity are available at the place. The water supply should be near so that you can connect a hose and water your plants. If you have only a few plants, you can use a watering can. Electricity is quite important because you need to power fans, grow lights, humidifiers, and other electrical equipment you will be using in the grow room. Thus, there should be a power source near the area.

Noise and Privacy:

While setting up a grow room, you must keep the issue of noise in mind. Fans, ventilation systems and water pumps make noise. Make sure it won’t disturb your family or anyone living nearby. You also need to take care of privacy and safety.The grow room should be away from people and the crowd. You need to keep it private as growing plants takes a lot of care.

Step 2: Make a Complete Floor Plan

It is good to spend some time creating a floor plan. It will help you utilize your space to have the optimum benefits. You might have a complete indoor grow room design in your mind, but penning it down will be more helpful. The plan becomes more compulsory when the size of the area increases.

Creating a floor plan will help you decide the space for placing the plant pots and racks. It will help you manage the available area. You can precisely calculate the indoor grow lights and other materials and things you need.

Whether you have a small indoor grow room or a large one, you need to plan everything so that you can have a clear idea of what you need and how to manage everything. After selecting the space and creating a plan, you can gather all the materials required for creating an indoor grow room. We have already listed the common and essential materials, so you can arrange them according to your requirements. If you are a beginner, you can also buy an indoor grow room kit to save yourself from various hassles. Aokairuisi team produces and provides such kits.

For step 3, we will continue to share more information in the next article. Coming soon!

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