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How To Water Cannabis Plants-Part III

We have discussed in detail how much water your cannabis needs and how to water it. In this blog, we want to share with you some additional information, such as how to collect runoff and how to water your cannabis when you go out.

How To Collect Water Runoff

Collecting water runoff serves as an effective and simple way to minimise overwatering. When you administer too much, plant pots can end up sitting in a pool of excess water that reduces aeration and gives pathogens favourable conditions to strike. Use the handy tips below to prevent this situation from arising.

  • Use Inclined Trays

The easiest solution? Gravity. By setting your trays at an incline, excess water will drain away from the containers and pool at the end of the tray. No, you don’t need any fancy gear. Place any spare waterproof item under the back end on the tray. You can use anything from water bottle caps to plastic lids. This gradual slope will allow water to run toward the front of the tray for easy removal.

  • How To Remove Water Runoff

What to do with all of that water pooling in your trays? Well, there are plenty of different ways to remove it. Check out a few below:

How To Water Cannabis Plants When You’re Away

There may come a time where you have to depart from your plants during the growing cycle. Sometimes vacations, commitments, and major events can force you to leave your plants for a period of time. While you can always leave the lights on and feed them before you leave, cannabis plants require water every few days.

If you’re away from the weekend, they’ll do just fine. But if you need to leave for longer, you’ll need to come up with a way to make sure their water demands are met. Check out some of the simple and creative ways below to keep your plants alive and thriving in your absence.

Budget Options

You don’t need to invest significant time and money into finding a way to sustain your plants. Cheap and simple options work just as well. Check out the three most effective ways to keep your plants watered while on a budget below.

  • Ask A Friend

Ask a trusted friend! Of course, you’ll need to ask somebody that you trust completely. You don’t want word spreading about your botanical hobby, and you definitely don’t want flowers going missing.

If possible, recruit a friend who has some growing experience. This way, they’ll know how much water to administer and when. If you’re asking a friend new to the growing world, be sure to educate them about under watering and over watering to avoid root rot and nutrient lockout.

When you’re back, thank your friend and be sure to share some of your harvests as a thank you for their hard work.

  • DIY Drip System

Drip systems are an excellent way to provide a slow and steady supply of water to your plants. Instead of gushing water into your soil every now and then, drips systems supply a constant yet tiny quantity of water that adds up and drains evenly over time.

Grab a used water bottle and make a couple of holes in the cap using a hammer and nail. Fill the bottle with water and replace the cap. Dig a hole in your container or garden bed and place the bottle in cap side first. This method will keep your plants hydrated for about five days.

  • Makeshift Greenhouse

Using a simple plastic bag, growers can create a temporary makeshift greenhouse that recycles the water that plants release through their leaves. Place four wooden stakes evenly spaced in each corner of your container to form a support structure. Next, water your plant well and place it somewhere out of direct sunlight.

Grab a large clear plastic bag and cover your plant, resting the top over the four stakes. Use a piece of string to loosely bind the opening of the bag to the rim of the container, still allowing air to pass through. The bag works to form condensation and rain the water back down into the soil, creating a continuous cycle.

  • Automatic Watering Stakes

If you prefer to keep things low-tech, you should consider watering stakes. These cool little devices feature a small stake and a tube that connects the stake to a small water reservoir. You can use any small container as a reservoir, from a glass jar to a plastic container. Unscrew the cap on the stake and fill it with water. Then, insert the cap into the soil and place the end of the tube into the reservoir.

The water will wick through the tube, into the stake, and throughout the growing medium to keep your plants hydrated while you’re away. Although simple, water stakes do a great job at striking a balance. They release moisture at roughly the same rate that plants draw it up, minimising the risk of overwatering.

High-Tech Options

If you have the money, why not splash out to keep your plants watered and your harvest safe? Some growers are willing to invest whatever it takes, and others simply enjoy geeking out on high-end growing products. Discover the two best high-tech option for keeping your plants hydrated while you’re away.

  • Irrigation System

Modern growers have the luxury of choosing from a wide range of irrigation products on the market. These devices use timers and controllers to water cannabis on demand. Tubing systems connected to a reservoir shuttle water to individual containers when and where a grower chooses. Some models are even wi-fi enabled and allow growers to change parameters via their smartphone.

  • Slow Drip System With Smart Timer

Slow drip systems with smart times are the high-tech version on the bottle trick explained above. These systems are super easy to put together at home and provide a constant trickle of water that keeps cannabis plants happy and hydrated.

Slow drip systems come with a hose, drip couplers, staples to keep the hose secured, and a hose timer. Growers can place the drip couples anywhere along the tube, enabling them to water individual plants spaced along garden beds and grow rooms. Simply set the start and endpoint on the timer to your preferred settings and you’re good to go.

Bottom Line — Water Well, But Not Too Often!

If you know how and when to water your plants, and are aware of any associated issues along the way, you can prevent most common cannabis growing problems. You will raise happy, healthy plants, and can look forward to fantastic yields!

Happy growing!

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