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Signs Of Too Much Or Too Little Light-Part II

According to our last post, when plants receive too much or too little light, they show some signs. For a plant grower, it is important to keep an eye on these signs and act accordingly before anything worse happens. We’ve shared 3 aspects that showing signs of too little light in the last post. Let’s start with the rest ones.

4) No Flowering

If you have indoor flowering plants, then they won’t give you flowers in the case of low light. It is because the plant does not have enough energy to produce flower buds. Thus, if you have noticed fewer or no flowering, you need to check the light level.

5) Leaf Fall

The leaves on the plants may fall if they are not getting enough light. The chlorophyll in the leaves assists in photosynthesis, but when the light is lower than the requirement, the plant cannot produce food. The leaves may fall from the plant as they cannot get enough energy to survive. In normal cases, the leaves fall from the plant at a certain age, but if you notice something unusual, it is a sign of too little light. 

6) Bending/Leading Towards Light

It is noticed that the plant bends towards the light source if it is receiving too little light. It is difficult to notice this sign, but you will also see other signs with it.

7) Smaller Leaf Size

Every plant has a tendency to grow a certain size of leaves. In the case of low light, the plant is deprived of energy, and the size of the leaves becomes shorter. You will start noticing this sign if the plant has been receiving too little light for a long time.

Signs Of Too Much Light

Too much light also imposes a bad impact on plants. It can kill your plant, and most of the time, it makes it dry, and the plant cannot carry out photosynthesis. There are only a few signs to detect this issue in plants.

1) Fading in Color

The color of the leaves will fade with time, and if this issue persists for a long time, you will see bleached leaves. This is a clear indication your plant is receiving too much light. The leaf or a part of the leaf might also get burned or scorched.

2) Lesser Life of Flowers

In the case of too much light, the flowers will not live a longer life. You will first notice the contraction in flowers, and then they will die soon.

3) Wilted Leaves

Due to excess heat and light, the leaves bend and become limp. This is also known as leaf drooping.

In a word, it’s important to keep an eye on these signs and ensure that plants are receiving the right amount of light they need. For other instructions, contact us aokairuisi professional team for an answer!

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