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What Is The Sea Of Green Growing Method-Part I

Growing weed indoors requires efficiency, limited growing space, and sufficient artificial lights. The expenses associated with these resources sometimes compel growers to minimize these resources and production time, boost yields and maximize supply and profits. 

For the past four decades, cultivators have invented and tried out different techniques to realize this objective. One outstanding technique that has grown in popularity within the marijuana cultivation industry is the Sea of Green (SOG) method.

What Does The Sea Of Green Mean

The sea of green method, otherwise referred to by its abbreviation “SOG”, is a simple method of cultivating several small cannabis crops together instead of a few larger ones to produce maximum yields within a limited growing space.

SOG entails moving your propagated THC and CBD plants into the vegetative stage within 3-4 weeks as opposed to the usual 4-6 weeks used in other techniques. After 3-4 weeks you can adjust lighting accordingly so the environment can sustain the flowering stage. As the canopy of buds closes in, you can improve airflow by trimming off the lower mature branches. Your SOG-grown crops should be ready for harvesting at this point. More details below.

The idea of the sea of the green method is that if small crops are grown together in a limisted growing space, they will most likely develop to half their average size, hence accelerating the cola development and flowering stage.

With this method, the small cannabis plants take less space and less time to flower, making it highly viable. Small THC and CBD plants are grown together in a small space form clusters of close quarters under quality grow lights. 

As the plants develop, they produce an awning of buds that glistens in the indoor grow lights, forming a “sea of green.” With proper plant training, nutrition, and care, you can successfully reap much yield per plant using SOG in a limited space within your indoor grow tent. 

How Much Does The Sea Of Green Plant Yield?

The amount of produce you can reap from a SOG crop depends on the number and types of cannabis plants you intend to cultivate. Once a SOG-grown plant reaches the flowering stage, it produces one large cola at the top. Apart from the routine plant training and fertilizing, SOG-grown cannabis plants only need a little extra care to produce buds.

Typically, small THC and CBD plants do not produce several colas, at least not as much as the average Sativa. However, when grown in a small space using the SOG method, they can yield as much as a ten-foot-tall Sativa. 

The secret to achieving impressive yield per square foot with SOG gardening is by maintaining a conducive grow space. Furthermore, small THC and CBD plants that are grown using the SOG method require the following growth factors:

  • Plant pots of appropriate size
  • The right type of soil (must be compatible with the cultivator)
  • Suitable environmental conditions
  • Reliable and lighting and durable lighting source
  • Water pH
  • Nutrients

As a cannabis grower, never underestimate the importance of these factors. If you can invest in them, you can reap bountifully out of your sea of green crops.

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