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Which Room In The House Is Best For Growing Weed-Part III

It is crucial to choose the best room to grow weed in the house. From previous blogs: concealment, the exhaust system, space, noise and smell are all important for indoor growers. Here are the last points to note:

5.  Moving Supplies In and Out

No matter how well-concealed your room, you will need to move supplies as well as finished medical marijuana in and out each time you harvest. If living in a residential area, you can find a house with an attached garage so you can easily pull your vehicle in to unload. However, many growers with garages find it the optimal place for farming home grown weed (lots of space, minimal damages, and easy to hide from nosy guests).

If you’re growing in a room in your backyard, as discussed before, how will you get stuff in and out in front of the eyes of suspicious neighbors? How will you move harvested plants out? Smuggling stuff in boxes, contractor bags, and plastic totes at night could help provide the answer… Plan, plan, and plan some more!

6.  Running Electricity

Running electricity provides yet another challenge. The wiring in a spare bedroom may prove inadequate for running a set of 1000 watt lights as well as the other high-voltage electrical appliances like ACs. If you’re going for a big grow, chances are you’ll need to run a whole new source of power from the fuse box. And the farther you run that power, the more inefficient it becomes. Where will you run the power cables to keep them from being seen? Through the attic?  Under the house? Always consult with an electrician before attempting to make any changes to the electrical system in your house!

However, for a smaller hobbyist size grow your house will likely be able to handle the electricity! At that point, it’s more a matter of figuring out how much electricity is going to cost!

7.  Damages

Finally, damages to your home present another major concern for the indoor medical marijuana grower.  Measures for minimizing the effect of humidity and heat go a long way, but given time, these elements take a toll nonetheless.

Can you afford to sacrifice a little wear and tear on that extra bedroom? Using a room meant for utility purposes, like a shop or garage, could spare the home interior, or should you just take all the necessary precautions and set an additional fund aside for repairs later?

One thing that may help is to use a cannabis grow tent, since these are at least designed to contain spills and other common causes for damage!

But aside from a grow tent or building a room specifically for growing home grown weed, you will surely find that every room has its advantages and disadvantages. You cannot change that. But you can plan well in advance, and by foreseeing future challenges, you can come up with a plan that minimizes or dissolves all of them from the get-go!

To sum up, before starting indoor growing, you need to consider many possible problems, but these problems are not terrible since indoor growing is not a new project. Many people have implemented it and achieved success. As long as you make preparations and plans in advance, everything will gradually get on track.

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