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Growing Weed in Closet Guide-Part II

Growing weed in a closet might sounds crazy, but the results will amaze you! As we expounded in our last blog, there are 6 preparing steps for growing weed in a closet. First of all, of course, we should prepare a closet first; Next is the right and suitable grow light, then the container. Read on to find out more steps:

4. Ventilation

Good ventilation is vital for weed plants to grow healthily. Stagnant air quickly leads to mould and damp and a ruined crop. You have to bring fresh air in from outside of the room and exhaust the hot air out of the room. No matter how you do it, you need to at least have cool air in and hot air out. And the whole point of bringing in fresh air is not just for temp control but also to replenish the CO2 the plants will be absorbing extremely rapidly.

Ventilation is probably the most difficult and confusing challenge you will need to overcome – even more so if you need to avoid detection. If your room has a window, leave it open as much as possible.

You could also install an exhaust fan, although this will involve some potentially noisy drilling. One option is to use a small oscillating fan – or two would be even better if you have the room. Place one desk fan at the bottom of the wardrobe blowing cool air in and one fan at the top (near the light) blowing the hot air back out. You will need to leave your closet door slightly ajar.

5. The growing medium

Soil is the obvious choice for growing in a closet, although it can be a bit messy when it spills. Soil is the foundation for a good weed crop so use the best potting mix you can afford, ideally one with a perlite blend. It will have enough nutrients for two to three weeks so you won’t need to worry about fertiliser for a while. You could also use coco coir.

You could also use a small hydroponics system which uses water as the growing medium. This method has many advantages allowing a greater degree of control over the irrigation and added nutrients. Plants also tend to grow more quickly so researching hydroponics is always something we would recommend.

It is worth remembering that weed smells as it grows so if you are worried about people finding your stealth grow, you need to choose less pungent varieties. Keep things discreet by keeping some clothes piled on top of the wardrobe for maximum effect. It’s fair to say though, that no method of growing weed is 100 percent safe from detection.

6. Invest in an air conditioning system

An air conditioning system is not strictly necessary but will make your life easier by performing the following functions:

  • Reducing the temperature – things can easily get a little too overheated in that closet!
  • Dehumidifying your room – use a hygrometer to check that the air doesn’t get too dry
  • Bringing in new air – if you are concerned about ventilation, an AC unit will definitely help.

How to care for your weed plants?

Once your plants are in place, you can relax and enjoy watching them grow – and they will grow fast. However, don’t close the door and forget about them! You will need to check on your plants at least twice a day – possibly more if they are showing signs of stress. Once in the morning and once at night is a good starting point. Check the soil to see that it is not too dry or too wet. You will also need to closely observe signs of change in your plants’ pistils to determine the right time to harvest so regularly checking on plants throughout their life cycle is a good habit to get into.

How many plants fit in my closet?

This really depends on the size of your closet, although it would be hard to fit more than ten plants in the largest type of wardrobe. For a small space, you can grow one or two plants. A large wardrobe with roughly the same grow space as a 3 by 3 grow tent can accommodate between two to four plants. If this is the first time you have grown weed – or anything – we recommend starting with one or two plants.

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