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Growing Weed in an Apartment 5 Tips-Part I

If you live in a large town or city, the chances are that you live in an apartment or flat. If you fancy doing a bit of urban weed cultivation, it is certainly possible, but it is worth doing a bit of research first. Let’s look at the main dos and don’ts of growing weed in an apartment or small urban space:

What you should do when growing cannabis in your apartment

  1. Check the terms of your lease
  2. Take preventative measure
  3. Soundproof walls
  4. Choose a suitable strain
  5. Consider your grow space

1. Check the terms of your lease

Even if growing cannabis in your area is permitted for medical reasons, it is worth checking the terms of your lease if you live in rented accommodation, especially if you live in a house share. Growing weed is fun, but it isn’t worth potentially losing your accommodation if you end up being evicted. There may well be a clause in your lease that prevents you from growing anything that can increase levels of humidity or risk electrical fires from the lights, so get things checked out first.

2. Take preventative measure to reduce the impact of the smell

Now, if you love weed, there is a good chance that the lovely if somewhat pungent aroma won’t bother you at all. Still, if you want to stay on good terms with your neighbors and/or flatmates, it is wise to take some steps to eliminate the aroma that will inevitably come wafting from your grow tent. You need to use an exhaust fan that is connected to the activated carbon filter in the grow room and a general ventilation system that works well. This will also reduce the risk of mold affecting your weed, so is a win-win all round. Try and keep your grow tent air-tight, and this should allow someone to stand a meter away from your set-up without smelling any weed. If you are still worried about the smell, odor eliminating sprays can be very useful.

3. Soundproof your walls

Everyone worries about the smell, but few consider the increased noise levels of a grow room. Think about it, fans whirring, pumps and water gurgling if you use a hydroponic set-up. Choose a grow box that is soundproof, or take steps to soundproof all the walls of your apartment. Remember, a quiet grow room is a secret grow room.

4. Choose a strain that is suitable for indoor cultivation

Growing in a relatively restricted space means that some thought is required regarding the choice of strain. Whether you plan to use a grow box, closet or grow tent, you’d be well-advised to choose more compact strains for apartment cultivation.

To be continued…

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